Cougar's newest PC case includes an RGB turntable for your action figures — new and refreshed cases at Computex

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Cougar has brought a trio of new cases to Computex 2024, with two completely new designs and one shrunken variant of a recent success. The FV270, MX600 Mini RGB, and Airfare Eco all exemplify why Cougar is favored for its weird and fun case design choices.

The FV270 enters the fray of fishtank PCs with its tempered glass front and side panels, but with a collection of new additions to stand out from the crowd. The front side panel makes a smart curve as the case tapers to the front, looking almost like a bullet from the top-down. The interior provides plenty of room to show off your components, including E-ATX motherboards and 420mm long graphics cards.

The case also optimizes airflow. Two 120mm case fans can rest near the nose of the case, and one extra fan hides below, pulling up air from the underside of the chassis. For collectors who want to show off more than they need airflow, an RGB turntable attachment can be purchased separately to replace the front bottom intake fan, spinning your Funkos with a tasteful rainbow underglow. 

The FV270 has been in consumers' hands for a few weeks and sold out across most sellers lightning fast. If you can find it, you'll pay $179 for the Cougar FV270 in either white or black, with an additional $25 for its marquee turntable.

The MX600 Mini RGB is a shrunken version of the MX600 RGB, taking the mid-tower and crunching it down into a mini-tower. While it won't be winning over any SFF fans with its large footprint and volume for an ITX case, its twin 160mm front intake fans will undoubtedly provide more airflow than most ITX builds. With room for up to 10 fans, a 360mm top-mounted radiator, and 380mm long graphics cards, the MX600 Mini seems mini in name only, but it provides an easier build experience than a true SFF chassis. No pricing or release dates are available yet for the MX600 Mini.


(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Cougar's Airfare Eco has also arrived for the eco-conscious builder who wants to ensure peak efficiency in thermals and power. Cougar describes the Airfare Eco as being designed from its existing Duoface Pro's skeleton, with new features including the cheese grater front panel bringing to mind a Mac Pro, with holes designed to focus airflow and thermal efficiency into the twin 180mm intakes, replacing the three 120mm fans on its older brother to push more air for less power.

Bonus features include a vertical GPU mount, a movable front I/O panel, and a retooled dust filter. No price details or launch date is available for the Airfare; we expect it to cost a bit over the $100 price tag of the Duoface Pro.

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