Grab this 4TB M.2 SSD for just $151 and have more room to install all your favorite games

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SSD prices for large capacity drives have dropped tremendously for PCIe Gen 4.0 and under, with fluctuations around sales events seeing new lows set on Prime Days and Black Fridays et all.  With costs predicted to rise sharply with SSD storage production, we could expect to see the downward trend of SSD pricing reverse in the coming year, so now might be a good time to invest in that new games drive you've been thinking about whilst frustrating over how you've run out of room again trying to juggle your installed games collection. 

The MSRP price of this 4TB drive sits at around $199, but today the Team Group MP34 is listed at just $151 or 3.8 cents per GB. That's a fantastic price for 4TB of capacity, even if it's not the fastest SSD around, this PCIe Gen 3.0 drive still has respectable transfer speeds of 3500/2900 Mbps thanks to its Phison E12 controller.


Team Group MP34 4TB SSD: now $151 at Newegg

Team Group MP34 4TB SSD: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">now $151 at Newegg (was $199)
The 4TB edition of the Team Group MP34 SSD is available at Newegg for nearly its lowest-ever price. An M.2 drive with a 2280 form-factor, it uses a Phison E12 controller and can reach read/write speeds as high as 3500/2900 Mbps.

We reviewed the Team Group MP34 SSD when it was released back in 2019 and found it to offer great performance for the price investment, giving it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. With PCIe gen 3.0 speeds more than fast enough to offer great performance in your gaming, today's discount makes this SSD a tempting proposition. 

With today's AAA games file sizes, you can soon fill up a 1TB drive, 2TB is a sweet spot for price and capacity, but if you can get a 4TB drive on a deal then that wins out overall, especially if you have a large games library. Having games installed on Steam, trying out new games on Game Pass, and of course, your mainstay games on their own launchers can soon fill out your space - having a larger drive offers a little more flexibility, but you will still need to do some curation.

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  • GoldenBullet
    This is a great nvme drive, I purchased many of them. TLC and dram plus fast enough speeds. Amazon usually matches neweggs price. I'm in Canada, I purchased some from Amazon USA, as it was cheaper that way than Amazon Canada at the time, maybe still is now.
  • Nwartkpoqlrfrr
    Thanks to this drive, $151 is now the ceiling for what will pay for 4TB of SSD. To be fair, I am just looking for backup space, e.g. write once, append only storage, so the number of times it can be rewritten is unimportant, as is speed. (You might wonder why I wouldn't purchase 5TB spinning drive as those can be had below this price, but alas the ceiling for that was fixed at $99 a few years ago.)
    However, having said that, I am not able to purchase this because NewEgg doesn't ship to my location. Price matching on Amazon is worthless if they then charge $50 or more to ship a lightweight device that takes up barely any space. I'm a patient person, and will hold the line and wait until the price of storage, all inclusive, drops to $150 for 4TB, but I'm not getting any younger.