THG Unveils New LCD Benchmarking Method

The System In Use - Example: CRT Monitor

We qualified the system on several displays before using it for the tests themselves. We'll give the example of a CRT monitor: the 19" LG915FT+. We chose to test a CRT monitor for a good reason: They are and will continue to be the reference in terms of latency, as you'll see. Consequently, what works on a CRT will also work on a TFT, which is slow by nature. Here, the CRT represents the most extreme case the device will encounter during tests on TFT monitors.

The monitor adjustments were as follows:

  • Vertical refresh rate: 85 Hz
  • Resolution 1280 x 1024

First Observation: Refresh Rate

The two peaks in fact correspond to two successive images (A and B). This is because CRT monitors flicker, with the image fading progressively once the area is swept by the beam; that's what we're observing here. An image can't really be "still" on a CRT.