12 Socket 370 Motherboards using VIA's Apollo Pro 133A

Lucky Star 6VA694

Board Revision: 0.1

BIOS Version:

The board we received is revision 0.1, so it's still a pre-release. This may be the reason why it was not able to complete even one benchmark run. Nevertheless, the board left positive impressions. Five PCI and one ISA slots can be equipped with expansion cards. Three DIMM sockets, AC97 sound, AMR, UltraDMA/66, Wake features, two USB ports and well labeled connectors are standard as well.

CPU setup has to be done via Dipswitches (FSB & multiplier) and jumpers (voltage). We did not get the final manual but only a sheet with the most important jumpers/connectors, so I cannot tell you anything about the manual.

I was glad to see that the board's design is really well done. Everything can be accessed even after system assembly, no connectors are placed in ridiculous places and all components can be installed easily.

The final board will most likely be a cheap and good-featured product. I hope we will receive the final version soon.