12 Socket 370 Motherboards using VIA's Apollo Pro 133A

Elitegroup P6VAP-A+

Board Revision :

BIOS Version :

Elitegroup sent us their P6VAP-A+, which is the only board of this round up coming with a real sound chip. It’s comes from Sound Pro, and provides better compatibility and more functions (including a SPDIF connector) than the standard AC97 codec. The board comes with only four PCI and one ISA slot. Of course the AGP is present (supporting AGP 4x), but a fifth PCI slot could have been great. Three DIMM sockets are standard, but will only host 768 MBytes max. Most other boards support up to 1.5 GBytes, nevertheless I don’t think that many of you will make use of this option.

This board allows the processor voltage to be set manually in 0.05V increments. Moreover, you may chose FSB speeds up to 150 MHz, making this board suitable for overclocking as well.

The manual is comprehensive, details and easy to understand. What I missed again is the connector cable to make use of the 3rd and 4th USB port. If you already took a look at our benchmark you may have seen that the ECS board is not able to rock the boat. It worked stable and comes with some nice features including an on-board speaker, but that’s not enough to win a recommendation.