Hot or Not? New Samsung and Solidata SSDs

PCMark Vantage Application Performance

The difference in application loading time is significant. Intel leads, and the others follow. Samsung’s new 256 GB drive still offers very impressive performance, while all other SSDs are clearly behind.

The SSD performance differences are less significant for gaming; Solidata looks quite good in this benchmark section.

The video editing benchmark uses the Windows Movie Maker and requires combined read and write operation. Clearly, Intel’s SLC-based X25-E is best suited for this type of workload. Solidata cannot impress here; Samsung does as well as the Intel X25-M.

The difference in Windows Vista startup throughput is significant; you can actually notice the bootup time differences between the individual drives.

The final ranking is very clear: Intel’s X25-E and X25-M SSDs are clearly superior, but the new Samsung PB22-J at 256 GB is close behind. All the others offer substantially less application performance.