Do-It-Yourself PC System: CPU & Motherboard

The PC system assembled and configured by Tom's Hardware team.

Dream Performance:Your Very Own Tom's Hardware PC!

Who likes to drink water if he can enjoy wine or champagne for almost the same price? This is practically the situation the demanding PC user finds oneself in when searching for the perfect PC.

The PC market has developed the following rules: Although mass products of more or less acceptable quality are offered by Dell, Gateway, Fry's, BestBuy and other vendors, there are no custom-made solutions with optimum performance and components of your own choice in these shops. What is even worse, even the computer shop around the corner does not necessarily offer the best solution either. Those computer retailers seem to force only those products upon their customers, which offer the highest profit.

The true PC fan, however, has only one thing on his mind: On no account will he join the gray masses of those supermarket PC purchasers.