Abit's Fatal1ty: Motherboards Go Premium

Red LEDs At The Bottom Of The Board

Hardware enthusiasts might consider LEDs on the bottom of the motherboard to be a nice feature. Well, that might be the case when installing the Fatal1ty board into a dressy chassis, but for the majority of users this is a pretty useless feature.

Overclocking Is Limited By The CPU!

We started testing at 2.8 GHz and FSB800.

We were able to run the test system stably at an FSB clock speed of slightly over 280 MHz, which corresponds to a theoretical FSB1120 rating. For testing, we used a Pentium 4 Processor 560 qualification sample that allows the multiplier to be set as low as 14. Running the system compliant to the chipset specs at FSB800 results in a core clock of 2.8 GHz. Pushing the FSB clock up to 280 MHz, we achieved a core clock speed of 3920 MHz.