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Acer Nitro XV273K Gaming Monitor Review: 4K at 144Hz Gets Cheaper

HDR Performance

HDR Brightness and Contrast

The Nitro XV273K really shines in its HDR color and grayscale accuracy, but not so much in the contrast department. There is no variable backlight option, so dynamic range is the same as in SDR mode, around 1,000:1. This means HDR only looks a little better than SDR. The difference is visible but not dramatic.

On the upside, HDR brightness greatly exceeds the DisplayHDR 400 spec with a reading over 510 nits. To achieve this, select HDR400 in the OSD, rather than Auto. The extra brightness helps with highlight detail, but black levels just aren’t as impressive.

Grayscale, EOTF and Color

Acer has really done its homework with HDR color accuracy. Not only does grayscale tracking and EOTF closely match the standard, color tracking is some of the best we’ve seen yet. This is something many companies still struggle with, but the Nitro XV273K nailed its saturation and hue targets. There are no image adjustments available for HDR signals, but with performance this good, it’s not an issue.

Image Credits: Tom’s Hardware

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Christian Eberle
Contributing Editor

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