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How To Add Front - Mounted Ports To Your Case

Installing Front-Mounted Ports With The EN-006-TM1, Continued

With the cable path that we chose to use, we didn't have a lot of extra slack with which to play, so it was important to connect the cables to the EN-006-TM1 and slide the wire loom into the drive bay before we finished running our cables the rest of the way through the case.

Now, we can route the cables over the top of the rear fans, up along to the power supply and then across to the EN-006-TM1. As you can see, we were able to tuck the cables into this space in the case, which gave us a nice, clean look.

In the picture taken at this angle, you can see how good this looks and how well the EN-006-TM1 fits into this case.

Once you are satisfied with the routing of your cables, you could use a couple of black wire ties to hold it all in place, if you like. Now is a good time to place the temperature probe in the location you want to monitor within the case.

Looking at the back of the PC, you can see how each of the cables were attached to the system. We attached the USB and Firewire cables to the DuoConnect. This did give us a little more room, since we didn't have to run the cables all the way up to the motherboard external USB ports, which were a longer distance than it was to the DuoConnect card. It would be nice if Enermax would make the cables longer, because, as you can see in this installation, we really didn't have much room to spare. Using a washer, as suggested above, would also help seal the slot cover well and prevent dust from entering the PC.