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How To Add Front - Mounted Ports To Your Case

Installing Front-Mounted Ports With The EN-006-TM1, Continued

Here is what the front of the PC looks like with the EN-006-TM1 installed. The unit looks good from the front. The temperature LCD is easy to read at this level; however, it would be even better if there were a button to turn on a nice, blue backlight. Then again, at this price, the option of backlighting the LCD might be asking too much.

An Excellent Addition For The Price!

Our impression of the EN-006-TM1 was better than we expected, and we recommend this device for purchase. The EN-006-TM1 offers a solid design and worked well in our testing. If we had a complaint about anything, it is that the manual needs improvement and that the cables could be a little longer. And, it also would have been nice if the LCD on the EN-006-TM1 were backlit.

If you have a case that you like and you want the added flexibility of having your ports on the front of your PC, there is no reason why a solution such as the EN-006-TM1 can't deliver what you seek, and for a modest cost. Building products that are based on good ideas often leads to some of the most innovative solutions to the most basic of problems.

If it isn't time for a new case, there are options that can breathe new life into your old one. Maybe this is not as 'cool' as adding a new processor or video card, but the convenience that this solution offers is more of a productivity enhancement than a new processor or video card can provide. It is a shame that, because devices such as the EN-006-TM1 are not 'sexy' or hyped as the newest hot thing, they don't get the kind of coverage and kudos that they deserve. After all, isn't computing about working smarter, rather than harder?