AMD's Duron Reaches The Giga Hertz Barrier

Quake 3 Arena

A short note to the permanent complainers who still haven't accepted that 3D-gaming tests at high screen resolution don't make any sense in processor comparisons: The higher the screen resolution the larger is the impact of the graphics card. We want to test processor performance, so this impact is exactly what we want to avoid.

Duron 1 GHz benefits from its new enhancements and makes quite a significant step away from its sibling with the older design, the Duron 950. Even Athlon 1 GHz is not far out of reach anymore. It shows that Duron 1 GHz is quite a respectable gaming processor.

The processor intensive NV15-test doesn't allow Duron 1 GHz to score a huge amount better than Duron 950, but its result is still rather close to the score of Athlon 1 GHz.


The new 'Morgan'-features seem to give Duron 1 GHz a clear advantage in modern games like Dronez. The difference to Duron 950 is rather remarkable and Athlon 1 GHz is in very close reach. Tualatin has a clear problem with this benchmark, scoring surprisingly bad.