AMD's Athlon 64 Has Arrived: the Athlon 64 FX and Athlon 64 (and Intel's P4 Extreme)

Video 10 To Download: Athlon 64 FX-51 Vs. Athlon 64 Vs. P4 3.2 Extreme

There are people who love France, not only because of its cuisine and language, but also because of the old black and white films in which the actors sometimes remain so meaningfully silent. THG has produced videos in regular intervals, which show the strengths and weaknesses of specific hardware. And sometimes, that had dramatic consequences for the companies in question. Included in this was the first video entitled "What happens if the CPU cooler is removed", which almost reached cult status.

In the meantime, we have reached number 10. As in previous releases, we tried to achieve optimum picture quality with a comparatively low data rate. Video number 10 attempts to convey an impression of the various test platforms from AMD and Intel and make our very elaborate tests more transparent. For the first time, the brand new Divx 5.1 Pro codec was used in Video 10, which provides improved picture quality at lower data rates compared to its predecessor the 5.0x. In addition, "Video 10" was compressed with a ZIP packer, which resulted in a 20 MB file for download. Play time of 3 minutes and 15 seconds, including stereo sound, results in an average data rate of 6.1 MB/min or 103 kB/s. Taking the resolution of 540x432 into consideration, that isn't a bad result, particularly since there is hardly any flickering.

The new Video 10 can be downloaded here:

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Technical Data THG-Video 10
Resolution540 x 432 @ 25 fps (3/4 PAL)
Aspect ratio4:3
Color depth16 bit
Audio signalStereo, 16 bit, 48kHz
Data rate audio96 kbps (12 kByte/sec)
Data rate video780 kbps (97 kByte/sec)
Data rate overall876 kbps (109 kByte/sec)
codec videoMPEG-4 DivX, 5.1 Pro Codec, 2 Pass, Bidirectional Encoding
codec audioMPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3), Fraunhofer
Color spaceYUV
Duration3:15 minutes
File size20 MB

Prerequisites For Playing The Video

The low file size and data rate of "Video 10" requires high processor performance. The most important prerequisite is the installation of the DivX codec in version 5.1 on the PC system. The current codec can be downloaded from DivX-Codec 5.1

This codec guarantees the presentation of the video. Since the audio signal was compressed in MP3 format and this codec is available in most versions of Windows, a special driver is no longer needed.