Low-Power Gaming: AMD's E-350 Vs. Intel Atom D525 And Ion 2

Benchmark Results: Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament remains a good-looking game, even by today’s standards. Let’s see if these platforms can handle this older first-person shooter:

At 1024x600, the game is smooth enough on the E-350 with a respectable minimum frame rate of 24 FPS. But the D525/Ion 2 platform doesn’t fare as well, yielding a 14 FPS minimum. For a twitchy first-person shooter, that minimum frame rate difference can mean life or death, especially online.

The visuals are really great considering the age of the game and relatively low system requirements. Graphic settings could be lowered further, but the loss to visual quality is significant with little increase in frame rate.


Unreal Tournament is playable on the E-350 at 1024x600 and on the verge of playable on the D525/Ion 2 at this resolution.