AMD and Nvidia Platforms Do Battle

Power Consumption

The Nvidia solution has slightly lower idle and peak power requirements than the AMD 780G platform. The difference is a 2W advantage for Nvidia’s GeForce 8200 at idle, and as much as 9W when running at maximum power.

SYSmark Power Requirement Diagram

This diagram reflects the system power requirements at any given point of time during an entire SYSmark 2007 Preview run. Clearly, the Nvidia GeForce 8200 system shows less minimum power and slightly smaller peaks, which proves our idle and peak power measurements. Finally, you can see that Nvidia’s solution completes the benchmark slightly earlier as well.

You can also clearly see how the AMD solution catches up with Nvidia as it runs the productivity segment much more quickly — check the diagram at 1:05, and then compare the spikes at 1:12.

Avg. Power During a SYSmark 2007 Run

The average power requirement of the AMD 780G platform during a full SYSmark 2007 Preview run was slightly higher.

Power Consumed for a SYSmark 2007 Preview Run

The AMD 780G platform required 122.2 Watt-hours to complete the SYSmark 2007 Preview run, while Nvidia’s GeForce 8200 could do the same work with 115 Watt-hours.