AMD and Nvidia Platforms Do Battle

ASRock K10N78FullHD hSLI Details

Five voltage regulator phases are more than you typically find on low-budget motherboards. The GeForce 8200 single chip requires a larger heat sink than the AMD 780G, but it still does not get really hot.

There is no southbridge, as everything has been integrated into a single chip. ASRock included the floppy connector and an UltraATA/133 port.

We didn’t find any manual in the box, but only driver discs and some cables.

The box for the Nvidia solution carries fewer logos and buzzwords, but apart from the stickers it looks identical to the one used for the AMD 780G motherboard.

Again we took the screenshot at DDR2-800 speed, but ran the benchmarks at the Phenom’s maximum of DDR2-1066.