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AM2: AMD Reinvents Itself

New Energy-efficient Processors

AMD is well-known for its energy-saving processors. To further strengthen this feature, AMD has now introduced energy efficiency classes, which are indicated by initials:

  • A: Conventional processors with "normal" energy class
  • O: Energy-efficient processor with maximum power of 65 Watt
  • D: Energy-efficient processor with maximum power of 35 Watt
Energy-Efficient Processors
ModelA (Normal)OD
FX-62125 W
X2 5000+89 W
X2 4800+89 W65 W
X2 4600+89 W65 W
X2 4400+89 W65 W
X2 4200+89 W65 W
X2 4000+89 W65 W
X2 3800+89 W65 W35 W
Athlon 64 3800+62 W
Athlon 64 3500+62 W35 W
Athlon 64 3200+62 W
Athlon 64 3000+62 W
Sempron 3600+62 W
Sempron 3500+62 W
Sempron 3400+62 W35 W
Sempron 3200+62 W35 W
Sempron 3000+62 W35 W
Sempron 2800+62 W

AMD charges a few dollars more for the processors in the low energy classes "O" and "D".

Heatsinks: Things Gets Louder

To ensure that the heat produced by the high thermal dissipation of up to 125 W can be removed, AMD had to develop a new heatsink for Socket AM2.

The new boxed heatsink for the AM2 socket

This new boxed heatsink has a thinner copper plate with a smaller surface area compared to its predecessor, and also has four heatpipes. This removes the heat from the base plate and distributes it evenly among the steel fins, which remain in a vertical arrangement.

The fan used is the same 70 mm model familiar from the old boxed heatsink.

The two heatsinks compared: the new model...

...and the old heatsink for Socket 939.

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