AM2: AMD Reinvents Itself

Athlon 64 X2: Now Somewhat Slower

For buyers of the Athlon 64 X2 model, the new platform is a bitter disappointment on three scores:

  • In order to attain the same performance as the old Socket 939 platform, you first have to somehow obtain DDR2-800 memory with low latency (CL4.0). This memory is still very rare - with a price tag to match.
  • Processors in the midrange price segment, up to $500, suffer in performance with the DDR2 memory interface.
  • Because the memory divider on the Athlon 64 X2 5000+, 4400+ and 4200+ CPUs doesn't result in an even value without remainder, the maximum memory clock speed will be DDR2-733 or DDR2-740, meaning that these processors lose performance.

One of the most popular CPUs is the Athlon 64 X2 3800+ with a design profile of 89 W, for $303. If you'd prefer the 35 W version with more overclocking potential, be prepared to shell out $364. The intermediate model at 65 W still costs a fairly steep $323.

Sempron 64: More Speed

Sempron users can at least be happy that they have more performance as these processors now use a dual-channel memory interface.

More money is still required for overclocking, or a quieter PC. The Sempron 64 3400+ in the 65 W version costs just $97. For the 35 watt version AMD asks you to part with quite a bit more money: $145.

  1. The AMD Generation Comes Of Age
  2. New Socket AM2 With DDR2
  3. Memory Speed: Socket AM2 Vs. Socket 939
  4. Write Performance
  5. Write Performance, Continued
  6. Write Performance, Continued
  7. Memory Speed: AMD Vs. Intel
  8. Memory Speed: AMD Vs. Intel, Continued
  9. The Divider Problem
  10. DDR2 SLI Memory: 10.3 GB Per Second
  11. Automatically Overclocking SLI Memory
  12. Automatically Overclocking SLI Memory, Continued
  13. All New AM2 Processors
  14. The New Socket AM2 With 940 Pins
  15. New Retention Module Requires New Heatsink
  16. Low Dissipation Guaranteed
  17. New Energy-efficient Processors
  18. Heatsinks: Things Gets Louder, Continued
  19. Features: Virtualization And TCPA
  20. Price Comparison: AMD More Expensive Than Intel
  21. Motherboards
  22. Gigabyte
  23. Epox
  24. The New nForce5 Chipset For AM2
  25. LAN Interface With 2 Gbit/s
  26. Test Setup
  27. Benchmarks And Settings
  28. Benchmarks Socket 939 Vs. Socket AM2
  29. Games - DirectX
  30. Games - DirectX, Continued
  31. Video
  32. Video, Continued
  33. Video, Continued
  34. Video, Continued
  35. Audio
  36. Applications
  37. Applications, Continued
  38. Applications, Continued
  39. Multitasking, Continued
  40. Synthetic Benchmarks
  41. Synthetic Benchmarks, Continued
  42. Synthetic Benchmarks, Continued
  43. Synthetic Benchmarks, Continued
  44. Synthetic Benchmarks, Continued
  45. Evaluating The Benchmark Scores
  46. Athlon 64 X2: Now Somewhat Slower
  47. Benchmarks AMD Vs. Intel
  48. Games - DirectX
  49. Games - DirectX, Continued
  50. Video, Continued
  51. Audio
  52. Applications
  53. Applications, Continued
  54. Multitasking
  55. Synthetic Benchmarks
  56. Synthetic Benchmarks, Continued
  57. Synthetic Benchmarks, Continued
  58. Synthetic Benchmarks, Continued
  59. Synthetic Benchmarks, Continued
  60. Synthetic Benchmarks, Continued
  61. AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 Vs. Intel Extreme Edition 965
  62. Conclusion: Good Energy Efficiency, But A Bad Value For Money
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