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AOC G2770PQU 27-Inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review

Today we’re looking at AOC’s other 144Hz gaming display, the G2770PQU. It delivers a 27” image at 1920x1080 resolution through a TN panel. With speedy G-Sync-capable monitors starting to emerge, is the tech still a relevant choice? We find out today.

OSD Setup And Calibration Of The AOC G2770PQU

OSD Tour

AOC organizes the G2770PQU’s options into six sub-menus and never requires you to go more than one level deep to find what you need. First up is the Luminance menu.

If you want full control over the backlight, set Eco Mode to Standard. The other presets lock brightness at fixed levels and gray out the contrast control. Other controls include three gamma presets, dynamic contrast (on or off), and Overdrive, which increases the pixel clock to reduce ghosting and trails behind moving objects.

The next sub-menu is Image Setup, though it’s only active for analog signals. You can adjust the images clock, phase and position, and edge enhancement through a Sharpness control.

Color Setup contains the remainder of the image calibration options. There are four fixed color temp presets. Warm and sRGB are pretty much the same, while Normal and Cool raise the white point towards a blue tint. User unlocks the RGB sliders, which happily start at the center of their ranges.

DCB is a color enhancement that emphasizes different elements like sky, grass, or flesh tones. It can also be set to Auto, varying based on content. If you want accurate color, it should be left off.

Picture Boost enables the Bright Frame feature that highlights a portion of the screen while darkening the surrounding area. You can control the size and position of the window, and adjust brightness and contrast within it.

There’s no real need to re-position the OSD since it spans most of the screen’s bottom. But you can set a timeout value of up to two minutes and make it more or less transparent. The break reminder can be set to pop up a message after either one or two hours of continuous monitor use.

The Extra menu has the rest of the G2770PQU’s convenience features as well as basic signal information. There’s an input selector, off timer, and aspect ratio options as well. Finally, you can select Reset to return all settings to their factory defaults.


To unlock all the G2770PQU’s image adjustments, set Eco Mode to Standard and Color Temp to User. The other Eco Modes limit brightness to preset values but don’t affect color. After settling on Gamma 1 as the best starting point, we adjusted the RGB sliders to achieve decent grayscale tracking. They are a little coarse, but we like that they start at the center of their ranges, giving us a more balanced adjustment and maximizing contrast.

AOC G2770PQU Calibration Settings
Eco ModeStandard
Color TempUser
RGBRed 48, Green 48, Blue 51
Christian Eberle
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