AOpen Fixes XC Cube EX915 Fan Noise Problem Noted in THG Review

CPU-Fan: Now Bigger And With 30% More Airflow

AOpen's engineers solved the noise problem by replacing the smaller, louder fan with a bigger, quieter one. The benefit of having a larger fan is that more air flows through the heatsink for a given fan speed. Conversely, that also means that the larger fan can spin more slowly (and can therefore run more quietly) while still providing the same level of cooling. Meanwhile, increasing the size of the heatsink ensures better heat dissipation through the copper fins. There are three heatpipes inside the heatsink that transfer the heat to the cooling fins. The fan then blows air over the heatsink, dissipating the heat.

The fan's airflow has been increased by about 30 percent.

Three heatpipes transfer the heat to the cooling fins.

Copper is known as an especially good heat conductor.

The fan retention mechanism is also new.

Siggy Moersch