AOpen Fixes XC Cube EX915 Fan Noise Problem Noted in THG Review

Noise Level And Heat Measurements

To ensure that our results were comparable to those of our last review we didn't make any changes to the hardware (aside from the upgrade).

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Testing Equipment
CPUIntel Pentium 4-540J, 3.2 GHz
MemoryTwinmos 2x 512 MB
Hard DriveHitachi HDS722516VLSA80, 160 GB SATA
Measuring Instruments
Noise LevelSound Level Meter PCE 322-A
HeatInnovatek Fan-O-Meter

After installing the Fan-o-Meter's heat sensors we tested the XC Cube under full processor load using the very popular Prime 95 utility, which can create a CPU load of 100%. To ensure that the no CPU throttling (automatic speed reduction) was taking place, we used a utility that monitored the CPUs frequency. Throughout the tests, the CPU ran at the full 3.2 GHz.

The Proof: full CPU load, no throttling.

Siggy Moersch