AOpen Releases Core Duo To The Desktop

The 1.36 Liter Mini PC

With a volume of just 1.36 liters, the AOpen Mini PC idea is not far away from Apple's Mac Mini. The difference, however, is that AOpen's solution will include a fully featured performance PC - with dual core CPU and SO-DIMM DDR2 memory - including all of the features that the 945G chipset offers. This includes 100 Mbit or Gigabit networking; IEEE-802.11 a/b/g networking with external antenna; and flexible interface support depending on the Southbridge. The power supply for this type of PC is going to be external, but the applications are endless: Imagine TFT displays that include a such a dual core computer built into their back panel!

AOpen already found a nice application for its Mini PC.

Running a dual core low power system in your car would enable new applications.