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Aorus X7 Pro Notebook Review: GeForce GTX 970M Gets Slim In SLI

Results: Far Cry 3 And Grid 2

Far Cry 3

We don’t even need to use an ultra-high-quality preset to see Nvidia's SLI technology destroy battery mode in Far Cry 3. The X7 Pro runs superbly from the wall with both cards enabled, and runs superbly from the battery when only one GPU is used. Surely, the company is working on a fix for this.

Plugged-in, the X7 Pro looks even better at Far Cry 3’s Ultra preset; it's lead grows slightly against my own desktop system. Unplugged, SLI looks even worse, though.

Once again, disabling SLI transforms the battery-powered X7 Pro into a gaming master. If BatteryBoost saves the day and SLI disables that feature, maybe Nvidia should automatically disable the second GPU whenever an SLI-equipped notebook is unplugged?

Grid 2

Our most mainstream Grid 2 settings favor fast memory, and the X7 Pro rules supreme. As higher resolutions begin to put more pressure on graphics, the X7 Pro’s SLI configuration retains its lead.

SLI isn’t so nice away from the wall, though. As we increase settings, we see that BatteryBoost does a better job of keeping frame rates up.

Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.