Athlon On The Fast Lane: Three Motherboards with nForce2-Chipset and Dual-Channel DDR

Asus A7N8X, Continued

It's not Promise or Highpoint this time: Silicon Image provides two Serial ATA channels, thanks to their Sil3112 chip.

The board is paved with codec chips. Here: two network controllers, sound controller, Firewire controller.

Asus removed the game port in favor of sound jackets. In exchange, an adapter adds two USB ports plus the missing game port. The adapter below adds two Firewire ports.

Asus includes two IDE cables: one 80 and one 40-conductor. Additionally, there are two Serial ATA cables, a floppy cable, and an adapter that is required in order to use the second serial port.

There is a short overview, the manual, a quick setup guide in twelve languages, and a reference card.