Athlon On The Fast Lane: Three Motherboards with nForce2-Chipset and Dual-Channel DDR

Chaintech Zenith Series CT-7NJS

Board Revision: ?

BIOS Version: Nov 1, 2002

The first thing you will notice is the fancy contrast between the black PCB and the yellow components. Plus, the three IDE connectors: two of them belong to the UltraATA/ 133 controller of the MCP-T; the other one belongs to the RAID controller chip that has been added. It is a Promise PDC20376 and also offers two Serial ATA connectors. Unfortunately, all connectors are directly in front of the PCI slots, preventing the use of large expansion cards.

The link between the nVIDIA APU sound system and the external interfaces is bridged by a PCI sound chip from C-Media (CMI-8738).

In contrast to the Asus board, Chaintech does not integrate two network controllers, though the MCP-T would support it.

The 1394 interface is not included on the motherboard, but can be enabled by inserting this ACR card. The slot can be recognized by the connector, which looks like a PCI connector, that has been turned around.

There are two audio connectors: the upper one provides rear speakers and subwoofer out; the lower offers optical digital line input and output.