Athlon On The Fast Lane: Three Motherboards with nForce2-Chipset and Dual-Channel DDR

Chaintech Zenith Series CT-7NJS, Continued

The Serial ATA controller from Promise offers one conventional ATA port (one connector at the upper left), plus two Serial ATA connectors (left and right of the controller chip).

In order to make the transition to Serial ATA as smooth as possible, Chaintech adds round IDE cables. They are not only easier to incorporate, but also won't obstruct the air flow inside your computer. Finally, there are two Serial ATA cables, as well.

The CBox includes four USB ports, one Firewire port, line-out, and microphone-in. Not a real innovation, but still very useful if you frequently have to change USB or Firewire devices.

The actual manual is not on this image, but looks pretty much like the black CD. At the top you can see the quick installation guide (English only). At the right, there's a litte key fob. ;-)