Barebones PC Cooling Tower: A Showy Case From Koolance

A PC Case With Water Cooler, Continued

Cosmetics: A flap on the front of the case conceals the USB and audio ports.

The PC case from Koolance that we tested is factory-fitted with a water cooler and so, offers a one-stop alternative to building your own solution from scratch. At first sight, the high-quality case makes a good impression - no sharp edges or signs of shoddy workmanship. Numerous screws and a complex construction involving a large number of components suggest a lengthy and costly assembly procedure.

View inside the case from Koolance as it was delivered to us.

Anyhow, this exciting case caused quite a stir in our lab, and we made sure to equip the PC with the very latest components (AMD Athlon 1000, GeForce 2 GTS, AMD reference board with DDR-SDRAM), and then we ran the system at full capacity in conjunction with the water cooler. From the outset, we had very high expectations for this product - it is visually impressive and leads the onlooker to believe that no expense was spared in its construction. Furthermore, we compared the Koolance system with our own water cooling system, which achieves virtually optimum cooling results (taking the comparatively low cost into account). In other words, we expected the Koolance solution to go head-to-head with our own mighty homemade solution.