Barebones PC Cooling Tower: A Showy Case From Koolance

The Main Components

A number of special features in the Koolance system become apparent immediately - Koolance does away with both a power supply fan and a case ventilator. Instead, the power supply unit is cooled with water. A further highlight is an additional cooling element, which is designed to cool the graphics chip. This feature sets Koolance apart from the competition, which employ a conventional water cooler and usually only equip the processor with a cooling element.

Basic configuration of the Koolance system: The heat exchanger which is filled with water is located at the base of the PC. The water is pumped to the cooling elements for the CPU, graphics card and power supply unit.

T's crossed and I's dotted: All the necessary bits and pieces are included in the package.

To examine the system in detail, we completely stripped it down. The illustration above shows the basic configuration of the Koolance system and how it works. A heat exchanger integrated into the foot of the case contains the water that is circulated using a pump.

Highly complex: The barebones system from Koolance consists of a large number of individual components. Below: You can't miss the huge heat exchanger.