Barebones PC Cooling Tower: A Showy Case From Koolance

Size Isn't What Counts: The Heat Exchanger

The solid heat sink does virtually nothing. Ultimately, the water merely stands in the cooling tank instead of moving round the circuit. Other heat sinks from the competition perform much better.

In view of the large capacity of around 1.5 liters, the pump design (on right in the photo) is far too puny.

The heat exchanger of the Koolance system is composed of a solid aluminum heat sink. The simple design prevents the water from circulating inside the cooler, meaning that the water is left to stand in the cooling tank. This is one reason why the system does not produce effective cooling and heat dissipation. What is more, the cooling fins are far too big, resulting in a small cooling surface that does not allow the heat to be efficiently dissipated.

Ray of hope: This plug permits the cooling water to refill without leaking.