Benchmark Marathon: 65 CPUs from 100 MHz to 3066 MHz

Intel Celeron 233 To 533: April 1998 TO January 2000

This processor (codenames Covington and Mendocino) for Slot 1/ Socket 370 was popular for overclocking using a motherboard fitted with a 440BX chipset (FSB from 66 MHz to 100 MHz). Here's a curious fact: Intel produced a Celeron 300A using 0.18 micron technology with thermal dissipation of just 19 W. The Covington had no L2 cache and ran at 266 MHz or 300 MHz. Intel stopped production of this wishy-washy processor after a short time.

For Socket 370: Intel Celeron 500 with 66 MHz bus speed.

Last evolutionary stage: Celeron 533 for 66 MHz system bus.