Benchmark Marathon: 65 CPUs from 100 MHz to 3066 MHz

Intel CPUs From 486DX To The Pentium 4/3066

Intel 486DX To The 486DX4/100: 1989 To March 1994

Our romp through history begins in 1989 with the Intel 486DX processor, originally clocked at 25 MHz. It contained 1.2 million transistors, had an L1 cache of 8 kB and worked with a voltage of 5 V. Although we had suitable boards and processors available for testing, we were not able to record any test results. Theoretically, you can install Windows XP on a 486 machine, but you cannot conduct any meaningful tests.

The next 486 class: Intel 486DX2-50 with 50 MHz processor speed.

Intel Pentium 60 And 66: From March 1993

The situation was similar with both the Pentium 60 and 66: these CPUs contain over 3.3 million transistors and were produced in 800 nm and 600 nm. L1 cache size was 16 kB, while the L2 cache was located on the motherboard. We were unable to conduct any detailed benchmark testing.

A new generation in 1993: Intel Pentium 60, which, in some respects, was slower than the 486.