Benchmark Marathon: 65 CPUs from 100 MHz to 3066 MHz

Pentium II/233 To 450: May 1997 To August 1998

The Pentium II Slot 1 with 9 million transistors was supplied with two different cores: Klamath and Deschutes. The differences were in how they were packaged and the FSB speed, 66 MHz or 100 MHz. The fastest CPU of the time was becoming something of a room heater: the 250 nm design resulted in a maximum thermal dissipation for the Klamath of 43 W.

Pentium II for Slot 1 from Intel.

Pentium II/400 based on the Deschutes core.

Pentium III/450 To 1000: March 1999 To March 2000

The "enhanced Pentium II" for slot 1 was available at speeds of between 450 MHz and 1000 MHz. The PIII on the Katmai core was fitted with 512 kB external L2 cache, whereas the Coppermine was fitted with 256 kB L2 cache.

Pentium III for Slot 1 at up to 1000 MHz.

Pentium III for Slot 1: the CPU is enclosed in a cartridge.

Pentium III/450 with active cooler.