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BenQ PD2710QC QHD/IPS Designer Monitor Review

Brightness & Contrast

To read about our monitor tests in depth, please check out Display Testing Explained: How We Test Monitors and TVs. Brightness and Contrast testing are covered on page two.

Uncalibrated – Maximum Backlight Level

There are plenty of premium 27” IPS/QHD screens in our database, so we chose the latest models from ViewSonic, Acer, Dell, AOC, and Nixeus for the comparisons. We have the VP2771, BE270U, S2718D, Q2718PQ, and the PRO Vue 27P. The Dell adds HDR to its feature list, but that doesn’t affect our normal battery of tests, which are all performed in SDR mode.

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BenQ claims 350cd/m2 output for the PD2710QC, but we could only manage 312.6467 in our tests. It’s not the brightest monitor we’ve seen in the class, but it has more than enough light for anything but outdoor use in bright conditions. With a relatively low black level, contrast works out to a respectable 948.8:1. In this group, that result is within striking distance of the front and is typical of IPS screens at this price point.

Uncalibrated – Minimum Backlight Level

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Minimum output is a bit lower than necessary at only 32.6053cd/m2. This is too dim for us, even in a completely darkened workspace. It also stretches out the luminance range, increasing the change with each click of the 100-step brightness slider. It makes precise output settings more difficult to achieve. Black levels drop in concert, which means contrast remains consistent at 932.2:1.

After Calibration to 200cd/m2

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The PD2710QC is one of the rare monitors that picks up a little dynamic range after calibration. Even though adjustments are not necessary, this small gain makes it worth the effort. It’s now on top of the heap with a decent 972.7:1 score. It also sports the best black levels of the group at a low .2054cd/m2. Only a VA panel could have a significant impact here. This is about as good as IPS gets.

ANSI Contrast Ratio

Intra-image contrast also nets a first-place for the PD2710QC at an excellent 971.3:1. The ViewSonic runs a close second but this is above average performance. BenQ has always impressed us with its quality control and that effort shows here. Our sample display has superb uniformity and shows no aberrations anywhere on the screen.

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