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BenQ PV3200PT 32-inch UHD Pro Monitor Review

Ultra HD is best enjoyed on a jumbo screen, so today we’re looking at a new BenQ professional video editing display, the 32-inch IPS-based PV3200PT.

Color Gamut And Performance

For details on our color gamut testing and volume calculations, please click here.

The PV3200PT has presets for three different color gamuts used in the broadcast industry. Notably missing is DCI-P3, so this monitor would not be appropriate in some film post-production situations. If you need Rec.709 however, you won’t get much better accuracy than seen here. Every point is on-target except for a small error at 80-percent red. We can also see a slight bump in 100-percent blue luminance. Neither result in a visible problem with all DeltaE values under two.

EBU, also known as PAL/SECAM, has a slight difference in the green primary only. The PV3200PT doesn’t quite match the hue there but again, it’s an invisible error. Only the i1Pro can see the difference. Magenta is also a little off, so users might want to create an EBU gamut using the color management system and one of the custom modes. Adjusting those two colors’ hues would bring them on-target.

SMPTE-C is the colorspace from standard-def content and probably not that common these days. Its main difference is a lower red saturation which the PV3200PT hasn’t matched. Overall error values are low but we’d create a custom calibration for this gamut as well. Decreasing the red saturation would take care of the error.

Now we return to the comparison group.

Here are the average error results for all three gamuts. Rec.709 is exemplary with SMPT-C and EBU not too far behind. For ultimate precision, a calibration will be necessary but in most cases, the monitor is just fine without adjustment.

Gamut Volume: Adobe RGB 1998 And sRGB

Since the PV3200PT is aimed more at the broadcast industry, gamut volume becomes less important. It does however hit 100 percent of the sRGB colorspace almost exactly. If it were used as a proofing display, an ICC profile would not be an absolute necessity.

Christian Eberle
Christian Eberle

Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.

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    SECAM (France) and PAL (everyone else)

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