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BenQ VZ2470H 24-inch AMVA Monitor Review

Packaging, Physical Layout And Accessories

Despite its low price, BenQ paid attention to detail by including white cables and even a white power supply brick with the VZ2470H. You get HDMI and VGA connectors along with a quick start guide, warranty card and the user manual on CD. The monitor comes fully assembled so the carton is quite large to ensure adequate protection. Our sample arrived unscathed.

Product 360

The panel is touted as bezel-free like many products with a similar design. But there is always a thin frame around the image. BenQ however, has set a new benchmark for minimalism with a mere 11mm edge—and that includes the white plastic shell. You can see in the photo just how close the image comes to the screen's border. That coupled with the all-white chassis makes the display look smaller than its 23.8-inch size. None of this has a negative impact on image quality however. Even though resolution is only 1920x1080, a very uniform panel and contrast over 3000:1 means you'll see one of the best pictures anywhere.

The front anti-glare layer blocks reflections very well and doesn't cause any grain or softness. The stand is very stylish and solid with its one-piece design offset to the left. Unfortunately, there are no adjustments except for tilt. And there's no place to attach a third-party mount; VESA compatibility has been omitted. OSD controls live along the bottom right. The buttons are small but click with a solid feel and are easily operated thanks to intuitive on-screen icons.

There are no angles or sharp corners to mar the smoothly-tapered profile. The VZ2470H is a bit slimmer than most displays and its white finish will make it disappear on many desktops when viewed from the side. The panel's edges are also un-marred by USB ports, which means you'll have to rely on your PC for USB connectivity.

By popping off a small surround, the upright can be removed though we can't think of a purpose for that other than transport. You've likely noticed by now that there are no vents on the chassis. Our sample ran cool but the tiny external power supply grew fairly hot after a few hours. We like the simple look of the VZ2470H very much but some function has been sacrificed in the name of aesthetics.

The inputs face backwards and are easily accessed. You get two HDMI 1.4 ports plus VGA. All of them are compatible with the monitor's native resolution and the OSD provides adjustments for analog signals. There is a headphone output as well. Audio can be fed via HDMI but there are no built-in speakers or analog inputs.

Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.