BIOS Tuning: Maximum Power

Special Functions With RDRAM (Rambus)

This picture shows the BIOS of the Asus P4T board with RDRAM support: It is possible to manually adjust the ratio between the front-side-bus and memory speed.

The "CPU Fast String" option is only found on motherboards with RDRAM memory.

Now that a number of motherboards with RDRAM memory (based on the Intel 850 chipset) have been launched on the market, we will explain some of the special functions of Rambus. Most boards with the Intel 850 chipset feature only very few "adjustable" functions in the BIOS - as seen in previous tests on numerous occasions. One exception is the Asus P4T, which supports quite a few performance-enhancing modifications. The picture at the top shows the "CPU Fast String" option, which optimises the performance of the Intel Pentium 4. The pictures below show further features.