BIOS Tuning: Maximum Power

Performance Boost: Spread Spectrum Control

Performance boost: The "Spread Spectrum Control" function slows the system. It should always be disabled.

This feature helps boost performance slightly.

Spread Spectrum Control: This function is used for meeting the specifications when complying with the CE acceptance test. Enabling it leads to a noticeable deterioration in performance. That's why it should always be disabled!

AGP: Swapping Out Textures

More speed: RDRAM is automatically operated faster by setting this switch to "Turbo".

A thing or two worth knowing about the AGP: The "32 MB" setting is more than adequate, since virtually all programs manage the AGP size themselves. Under Windows 98 SE and Windows 2000, the graphics card driver regulates the AGP size anyway in conjunction with the operating system. Basically speaking, no performance enhancement is noticeable.