BIOS Tuning: Maximum Power

Power Saving Functions: A Question Of Taste

The "Power Management" menu allows you to set power saving functions of the board and the individual components.

Disabled: Hardcore gamers and power freaks should disable the power saving functions.

Wake-up call: It is possible to "wake up" the system from any power saving mode by means of an external entry. You can set this function via the BIOS.

Power-saving functions are particularly important for office users who are concerned with reducing power consumption. Gamers should, however, disable all such functions so as to avoid the risk of a system crash following a "wake-up" procedure. Essentially, the saving potential is governed by the particular Suspend Mode selected (S0 to S3).

Summary: Power-saving functions are only useful for office PCs, whereas performance hungry users should prefer to contribute to the world's greenhouse effect by turning off all power saving features.