Biostar, DFI, Epox Try to Big Up Socket 775 Mobos with Added Features

DFI LANParty Series

With its LANParty series, Taiwanese manufacturer DFI has already made a name for itself as a maker of motherboards geared for gamers. Recently-released components, numerous I/O options and, of course, overclocking capabilities and high performance come with this territory.

Case modders will also like the LANParty, as DFI has chosen to construct various components such as the PCI, AGP and memory slots from UV reactive plastic. What is more, the dark color of the board exudes quality.

Now that the Intel 915 and 925 chipsets have been available for about two months, it is time to look at some of the products incorporating these components. We checked out the DFI LANParty 925X-T2 and LANParty UT 915P-T12 boards. The latter supports DDR2 as well as conventional DDR memory, although it does not come with as generous an accessories package as the 925X board that supports DDR2 only.

LANParty UT 915P-T12

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BIOS Version: 915LD818

Although the UT 915P-T12 is equipped with the 915P chipset, it is no less feature-laden than its big brother, the 925X-T2. However, you do not get as many extras, as you will read later.