Biostar, DFI, Epox Try to Big Up Socket 775 Mobos with Added Features

Common Components

The photo above shows the two Marvell network controllers: one for PCI Express, the second for PCI - both gigabit-capable.

The LANParty 925X-T2 and LANParty UT 915P-T12 are identical for the most part - at least in terms of board components. The main differences are in the accessories bundle and memory support. First, an overview of what they have in common: three PCI slots, two PCI Express slots, x 16 PCI Express for the graphics card, two network chips for Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire controller, high definition audio and a total of five fan connectors.

We found the locks on the x16 PCI Express slots difficult to reach with our GeForce 6800 GT reference card installed, making removal of the graphics card extremely awkward. We would much prefer to see a different method of retaining the card.

Anyone still using a conventional ATX power supply with its 20 pin plug should check the seating of the plug after moving his PC, as the retaining lug is designed for the 24 pin EATX plug and is therefore too small.

An unusual feature of both boards is the separate plug-in module containing the eight-channel high definition audio outputs. The PHY chip is also located in the module. DFI has fitted six USB 2.0 ports on the back panel, which should take care of most connection requirements for the time being. Two additional ports are available if required.

The 900 chipsets from Intel provide only a single UltraATA/100 channel, which will not be enough for those of us with several hard drives. For this reason, DFI includes an SATA to UltraATA adapter - a sensible move, especially for anyone who wants to connect the hard drive and DVD drive to different channels.