Biostar, DFI, Epox Try to Big Up Socket 775 Mobos with Added Features

Common Components, Continued

The back panel looks very sparse without the sound module.

Both boards come with the same software bundle: drivers, Winflash for Windows BIOS update software and Radarsync, a utility feature that notifies you whenever new software versions become available. We discovered that the system information display did not work properly. It reported a "floating point division by zero," with all subsequent fields showing empty. Interestingly, this fault did not occur when we tried another PC.

Since the fall of 2003, DFI has been supplying its CMOS Reloaded feature, which allows you to store different BIOS configuration settings in a separate area of flash memory for retrieval at any time. This does away with the need to reconfigure or write down the maximum overclocking settings every time you wish to use them.

The sound module includes the PHY chip and the output sockets.

Things look more or less normal when the sound module is plugged in.