First Look At Brookdale - Intel's Upcoming 845 Chipset

Quake 3 Arena

In Quake 3 the performance of i845 with PC133 SDRAM can only be declared as rather sad. The new Pentium 4 chipset scores no less than 23% worse than i850. Tualatin 1.13 GHz is almost able to reach those scores, while an Athlon 1200 beats Pentium 4 1.7 GHz w/i845 hands down.

The sad story remains. Intel's upcoming i845 chipset with PC133 SDRAM is 23.2 % slower than i850 with PC800 RDRAM and gets beaten by Athlon 1400 as well as 1200. Tualatin 1.13 GHz cannot quite reach the i845 score, but it gets pretty close.