First Look At Brookdale - Intel's Upcoming 845 Chipset

Sysmark 2001 Under Windows 98

i845/PC133 is some 7% behind the result of i850/PC800 in the office and internet application benchmark Sysmark2001. The Pentium 4 1.7 GHz used with i845 is just able to reach Athlon 1200 scores. At least Pentium III Tualatin at 1.13 GHz is still outperformed by both Pentium 4 platforms.

The ICC-part of Sysmark2001 is the strength of Pentium 4 and the i845/SDR-solution is just about able to score Athlon 1400 results, while lagging almost 10% behind i850/RDRAM with the same processor.

Office productivity is where Athlon easily outperforms Pentium 4. The i845/PC133 is 6.5% slower than i850/PC800, but both are even slower than Athlon 1200.