Building Your Dream Notebook

The Completely Assembled Notebook In Practical Use


The case of the Uniwill 223II00 is offered in silver and black and scores points with its clear, uncomplicated design.

The 233II00 from Uniwill

The Notebook is not terribly easy to open: Because the lock on the display cover does not budge one inch when pressed, you need to use both hands to open the display.

There are no ports on the back of the 223II00, because this is where Uniwill put the battery.

A negative point against the display cover is the fact that it is much too soft. Even a decided pressure from behind with one or two fingers on the display cover to is enough to significantly distort the image display. This AVI file demonstrates this effect in a striking manner.

Because of the unstable display cover, there is some fear that the display might possibly be damaged if the notebook is transported with other heavy objects in the bag, such as books.

The optical drive can be swapped in just a few motions, but the panel shows large fit tolerances.


There are no ports on the front. This is where the LEDs for the battery status and operating modes are.

On the right side of the notebook, Uniwill built in a card reader that can read SD, MMC, MS and MSPro formats. Because the battery is located on the back of the 223II00, it is not possible to connect the ports here.

Most of the ports were connected on the right side.

All interfaces other than the VGA interface are on the right side of the notebook.

This position turns out to be most ergonomic for right-handed people. But anyone who uses the network and audio port in addition to an external USB mouse will not be thrilled about the resulting confusion of cables on the right side of the machine.