Building Your Dream Notebook

Video For Download: Build-it-yourself Notebooks

The new THG video (Number 15): Length is 4:38 minutes with a resolution of 540x432 dots (3/4 PAL) with stereo sound.

On the heels of Video Number 14, which dealt with Intel's heat problems, the 15th video covers build-it-yourself notebooks.

Above all it will demonstrate how easy it is to assemble a DIY notebook.

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Technical Data THG-Video 15 DIY Notebook
Resolution540 x 432 @ 25 fps (3/4 PAL)
Aspect Ratio4:3
AudioStereo, 16 Bit, 48 KHz
Data rate Audio104 kBit/s (13 kByte/s)
Data rate Video550 kBit/s (68.75 kByte/s)
Data rate Entire654 kBit/s (81.75 kByte/s)
Compression VideoMPEG-4 DivX, 5.2.1 Pro Codec, 2 Pass, Bidirectional Encoding
Compression AudioMPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3 Pro)
Run Time4:38 Minutes
File Size22 MB

As with the previous 14 movies, we tried to achieve optimum picture quality with a comparably low data rate. As in Video Number 14, the Divx 5.2.1 Pro codec is used. We are still waiting for Version 6 of the final codec, which is supposed to offer improved image quality. The older videos can be downloaded here . In addition, the file is compressed with a ZIP packer, making a 22 MB file available for download. A length of 4 minutes and 38 seconds, including stereo sound, makes for an average data rate of 4.7 MB/min or 79 kB/s.

The new Video 15 in DivX format can be downloaded here .