Building Your Dream Notebook

Buttons And Keyboard

The silver on-off button of the 223II00 is backlit in blue. This has a very elegant effect and fits in well with the black design.

The power button lit up in blue in the dark.

The touchpad cannot be shut off with hardware, as in many other machines.

The keyboard is labeled very legibly although the ESC key is somewhat too small.

The notebook's keyboard springs back slightly during typing - all it requires is pressure. Because of the device's size, the hand rest ends up somewhat smaller. People with big hands will not like this.

The labeling of the keys used to set the volume took us some getting used to. For us, the meaning of the icons on the keys was only understandable on second glance.

If the volume is too high, the user has to hunt for the appropriate key.

The arrow keys are not obvious, which makes fast navigation difficult because the risk of hitting the page-up and page-down key is very high.