Building Your Dream Notebook

Hidden Third USB Port

The notebook has a total of three USB 2.0 ports. One of them is so well hidden on the bottom of the case near the optical drive behind a lid that it can't even be found in the product description on the Uniwill Website.

A somewhat unconventional place for a USB 2.0 port

The port is likely meant for something in particular, but it did its duty without complaint in a test. To save costs, Uniwill dispenses with a lid on the PCMCIA slot and only protects it against dust with a cheap plastic dummy card.

Uniwill put the VGA-out on the left side of the notebook

The terminal for the cable to the charger DES is hard to pull out from the socket. You can only manage it by holding on to the notebook with your other hand.

The 223I00 has a small power supply, but a much too thick supply cable.