Casing Out MicroATX

Power Supply Technical Data

With delayed shutoff

Manifold connection options including 2x SATA
Manufacturer/model Enermax EG285SX-VB(W)
Safety norms Active PFC, CE
Total wattage Maximum 270 Watts
Max. output voltage + 3.3 V @ 20 A
+ 5 V @ 22 A
+ 12 V @ 20 A
- 12 V @ 0.5 A
+ 5 Vsb @ 2.2 A
Fans 1x 80mm
Motherboard connections 1x 20-pin, 1x 12V ATXV2
Drive connections 4x 5.25" peripheral connectors
1x 3.5" peripheral connector, 2 x SATA
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  • Nicoia
    Can anybody, please help me .....!! I'm looking for the AOpen XC Cube EX945 GC - from the 3 Cases, that are in the front of this web page... The silver & black X Cube... Can anybody help me, in telling me where I, can buy or get one .... Thanks & best regards ...