Clutter Rescue: 2 Port KVM Switches

Specifications, Continued

Manufacturer Keysonic Lindy
Model IC-712IK CPU Switch Lite 2 Port
Dimensions 128 x 90 x 45 mm 120 x 90 x 35 mm
Weight 422 grams 162 grams
Case Material Aluminum Plastic
Console Connections
Mouse 1x PS/2 port 1x PS/2 port
Keyboard 1x PS/2 port 1x PS/2 port
Sound no 2x 3.5mm port
USB Ports Mouse/ Keyboard no no
USB Peripherals no no
VGA 1x 15-pin port 1x 15-pin port
Max. VGA Resolution 1920 x 1440 2048 x 1536
Video Standards DDC2B DDC2B
Video Bandwidth 400 MHz 400 MHz
DVI Interface no no
LAN no no
Reset Button no no
Client Connections
Mouse 2x PS/2 ports 2x PS/2 ports
Keyboard 2x PS/2 ports 2x PS/2 ports
USB Ports no no
Sound no 2x 3.5mm port
VGA 2x 15-pin plug 2x 15-pin port
DVI no no
Power Input 9V no
Other no no
VGA Cable no no
Mouse/ Keyboard Cable no no
Combo cable VGA / Mouse/ Keyboard yes, 2x 1.8 meter no
Combo cable KVM+Sound no yes, 2x 2 Meter
Combo cable KVM+Sound+USB no no
Combo cable KVM+USB no no
Sound Cable no no
LAN Cable no no
Power Supply optional no
User Instructions User manual, multiple languages User manual, multiple languages
Client Switch
Button no yes
Autoscan yes yes
Scan-Interval 5 to 30 seconds 8 seconds
Regulator yes no
Hotkey yes yes
Acoustic Signal yes yes
Security Function no no
Display on KVM Switch
Operation LED yes no
Client LED yes yes
On-Screen Display no no
Warning Signal no no
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  • kvmswitch
    Greatt work Siggy
    have you seen the Smartvm's KVM Switch . I think they are great too and really affordable.

    Jennifer Luec