Clutter Rescue: 2 Port KVM Switches

The Test Candidates In Detail

Aten Master View CS-82A: Small Dimensions

This KVM requires only a little bit of desktop space. The PS/2 mouse and keyboard are plugged into the front of the switching box, and the monitor plugs into the back. Also on the back of the switch are the connections for both client computers. The CS-82A only switches classic KVM signals. USB or audio switching is not an option with Master View CS-82A. The box can also be operated without a power source, as the power needed is derived from the client PCs' PS/2 connections. Switching between the two client PCs can be done either using the two buttons on the KVM switch or with a hotkey on the console keyboard. The device issues a beep tone to signal that the switching process has been initiated.

For manual switching there are two large buttons on the KVM switch.

The CS82A only switches signals for mouse, keyboard and monitor.

Siggy Moersch
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    Greatt work Siggy
    have you seen the Smartvm's KVM Switch . I think they are great too and really affordable.

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